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What is GSM Fulfilment?

GSM SIMs use the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network, which is widely used across the world

While there have been many changes in the world of mobile networks in recent years, many countries still use GSM SIMs, hence their widespread production and distribution.

GSM Fulfilment works in the same way as our SIM Fulfilment services with many of the same requirements, including careful packaging and distribution, regular quality checks, and security assurance.

PR Facilities Management Ltd has been a market leader in GSM Fulfilment for some time, and can guarantee the highest standards when it comes to this specialist service.

Who uses GSM Fulfilment?

PR Facilities Management Ltd has ongoing relationships with MNO/MVNO clients for their GSM Fulfilment

This entails receiving, storing, packaging and distributing GSM SIMs across the UK and further afield, using PRFM’s trusted network and proven ability to undertake GSM Fulfilment and all associated logistics and administration.

A wide range of service providers, MNO and MVNO clients still require a dedicated GSM Fulfilment service from an experienced company, which is exactly what we provide.

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Why choose PR Facilities Management Ltd for your GSM Fulfilment requirements?

At PRFM we provide a premium service to a range of MNO/MVNO clients, who all trust us with their GSM Fulfilment requirements

We understand how important speed, accuracy and customer service are in this sector, and we combine all of those to provide an unrivalled solution for GSM Fulfilment, consistently and competitively.

Our distribution centres in the UK and Romania allow us to supply fulfilment services across Europe. This international reach is perfect for GSM Fulfilment needs and allows us to supply GSM SIMs to a range of countries efficiently and competitively.

Our services include:-

● Expertise in GSM Fulfilment gained through years of dedication and innovation to the sector, working with long-term, globally-recognised clients to provide a service they can trust to deliver

● Swift, accurate fulfilment on demand, significantly reducing order lead times and maintaining customer service standards, including quick turnaround

● International reach thanks to an established distribution network across the UK and Europe and warehouses in the UK and Romania

● Guaranteed quality assurance procedures and an experienced, highly trained workforce to ensure accuracy and minimal mistakes or damage at every step of the process

● Unrivalled security with every square inch of our fulfilment centres covered by video surveillance cameras 24 hours a day, including monitoring and police response

● A creative, innovative approach aimed at finding solutions and solving problems, addressing any changes in regulations across fulfilment and logistics proactively and efficiently

● A broad range of services, allowing us to combine them and create bespoke solutions, whatever your needs

Our Services

The services we provide at PRFM


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PR Facilities Management Ltd offers customised solutions based on expertise in the fulfilment and logistics sector, catering to each customer’s needs individually. Our objective is to ensure that your fulfilment needs are met efficiently, to the highest standards, regardless of the challenges they may present.

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