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What are AQL Quality Checks?

AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) Sampling is the cornerstone of quality control

Developed several decades ago by Harold F. Dodge, AQL has been modified since then into a method widely used in product inspection to ensure standards are met.

Put simply, AQL lays out how many defective products are accepted under one single inspection under AQL sampling guides.

This makes it useful for both buyers and suppliers to ensure that large orders are completed to the right standards.

AQL sampling uses two key questions to determine quality – how many units should be inspected, and how many defective products are allowable before an inspection fails.

PR Facilities Management Ltd is well-versed in the world of AQL Quality Checks which allows us to provide vital information on defective products and ensure quality.

Why are AQL Quality Checks important?

AQL lays out a quantitative reference to both buyers and suppliers on how many defective products are affected under one single inspection.

This provides a useful figure to ensure that large orders are completed to the level of standards set by the manufacturer or seller, as well as by the buyer.

It is also seen as the most efficient way of assessing quality without slowing down processes, ensuring packaging and fulfilment remains fast and accurate whilst also maintaining high standards.

In the world of logistics distribution – especially SIM Fulfilment – this means large orders can be met in a timely fashion and assessed for quality quickly and accurately.

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Why use PR Facilities Management Ltd for your AQL Quality Checks?

PR Facilities Management Ltd has years of experience in packaging and fulfilment – and a reputation for making sure they’re done properly.

Our use of AQL Quality Checks ensure that every order we take care of is fulfilled to a high standard, no matter how short the lead time is.

We carry out documented quality checks in accordance with inspection standards to give peace of mind to all of our customers.

It’s why we’re the trusted provider for globally-recognised brands and have built a reputation as being market-leading when it comes to our packaging and fulfilment services, as well as specialist services including SIM Fulfilment.

Our experience means we understand the AQLs set by importers and exporters and can ensure our standards meet – or exceed – those levels, reducing any problems or delays and ensuring minimal problems in the distribution process.

The benefits of using an AQL Quality Check service?

  • Quality control – the use of AQL Quality Checks ensures minimal defects, consistent standards and quality, and happy end customers
  • Minimal delays or problems – AQL Quality Checks will ensure you are meeting the AQLs set by different importers or exporters
  • Peace of mind – by having regular AQL Quality Checks, you can be confident that the product your customers receive is in the same condition as when it leaves your factory or warehouse

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