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P.R. Facilities Management Limited

We provide a range of packaging and fulfilment solutions as well as providing specialist SIM logistics distribution and associated services.

Since PRFM was set up, the company has built a solid reputation in our field, constantly innovating to ensure we are at the forefront of our industry.

Our list of services has grown over the years, along with our experienced team, ensuring we can provide trusted services in SIM Fulfilment and Logistics, including bespoke solutions guaranteed fast, accurate distribution.

We have developed a complete service in-house, from packaging and fulfilment to quality checking and storage.

The core of the company

“Our foundations are rooted in our early successes in providing a variety of packaging and fulfilment services.”
e-commerce fulfilment service
End to end e-commerce fulfilment

Our Values

Our values lie at the heart of what we do and are based on a simple ethos to help our customers. That means not just meeting their needs – but ensuring we exceed them in every single thing we do.

That ethos is the unique foundation that makes PR Facilities Management Ltd stand out in our industry and has ensured we build long standing relationships with our customers, whether they are global brands or new start-ups.

At PRFM we genuinely care about what we do – from the directors at the top right down to every single team member who treats each customer and each order with the care and attention it deserves.

PRFM has come a long way from the company that was first set up in 1998 but our owners/directors continue to be immersed in every aspect of day-to-day business, ensuring our values and ethos continue to run through every single thing we do.

Our Expertise

PR Facilities Management Ltd’s long-standing expertise and experience in the fulfillment sector – and specifically in the SIM Fulfilment sector – is what makes us the best at what we do.

In our 20+ years, we have consistently demonstrated market leadership through innovation, creativity, exemplary service and quality control.

No matter what your fulfilment needs, the PRFM team of knowledgeable client service experts is always on hand. They will work closely with you to provide the right, bespoke, solution for you and your customers.

We continuously evaluate our ability to deliver exactly what our customers need and regularly invest in new technology, facilities, training and processes to enable this to happen, ensuring we can provide a tailored, all-encompassing service for all of our customers.

Our Promise

Our promise is simple. “You can trust us to deliver”.

That means constantly striving to be the best in the business, evolving to meet our industry’s ever-changing needs, and ensuring we provide solutions that help all of our customers regardless of their needs.

Our promise means our customers can have the confidence that our service will be delivered in a climate of excellence each and every time, ensuring all their requirements are met from start to finish.

Our Services

The services we provide at PRFM


We store, package and distribute SIM cards on behalf of some of the biggest service providers in the industry, offering a tried-and-tested SIM Fulfilment service.Learn More »


We provide a premium GSM Fulfilment service to service providers and MNO/MVNO clients using our years of expertise and experience in the sector.Learn More »


AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) Quality Checks set limits for the number of defective products within orders, helping buyers and suppliers ensure that large orders are completed to the right standards.Learn More »


Rather than having to sort out your packaging yourself, let us do it for you with our dedicated contract packing serviceLearn More »
prfm distribution centres

Our Distribution Centres

With our distribution centres in the UK and Romania, we supply large scale SIM fulfillment across Europe. Our international reach and high quality standards are why we are the fulfillment partner of choice for globally recognised brands.

Get in touch with our sales team!

We don’t just offer a one size fits all solution – at PR Facilities Management Ltd we know that every customer’s needs are different, so we tailor our solutions to what you need.

We are experts in SIM Fulfilment, having worked in the sector with leading service providers for many years. Our range of services means we can provide a solution that fits each client’s requirements exactly, providing secure, quality services and fast, efficient fulfilment and distribution across Europe.

Contact our sales team today to find out how we can offer the perfect solution for your business, using our expertise and background to help make things easier for you.

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