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Cosmetic Packaging Service

Catering For a Complete Range of Cosmetic Products

PRFM offers a cosmetic packaging service that caters for a complete range of cosmetic products.

We offer custom packaging for beauty and cosmetic products, from hair goods to conditioners, soaps and creams.

These items can be difficult to pick and pack, which is why our experience and high standards are perfect to make sure they’re done right.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

Flexible packaging solutions are something we do particularly well which means we can offer our services for both small and large batches. We can also tailor our bespoke packaging solutions to your packaging needs.

We can also incorporate our gift packing service into our cosmetic product packaging, making sure any cosmetic gifts are packaged consistently for your customers.

PRFM can also help with logistics via our storage and logistic service. Find out more here.

cosmetics packaging service

Other Services We Provide

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