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Point of Sale Collation

Complete capability, bespoke processes, unrivalled quality control.

Market-Leading Point of Sale Collation

Our diverse POS experience is combined with a genuine, business-wide customer focus, enabling us to ensure all our customers can expect market leading levels of service whatever their needs or budget.


Our Services

Our GSM point of sale fulfillment and collation services include:

Complete Capability

We can cover all your point of sale needs, such as POS kitting, pick and pack and shrink or poly wrapping.

Bespoke Processes

We offer bespoke solutions to suit your exact data, artwork or packing needs, enabling more personalisation.

Unrivalled Quality Control

We follow the strictest quality-control procedures to virtually eliminate packing and data processing errors.

Cost Effective Solutions

We offer competitively priced solutions for our customers, including our mail-sort discount to cut fulfillment costs.

Complex Project Expertise

We offer wide range of expertise in SIM fulfillfment, including in-house data and software development engineers.

Hand Fulfillment

All of our SIMs are packed by hand by our highly competent team, avoiding damage often caused by machine packing.

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